Forum System!

We’ve just enabled a forum system for all existing and new Social Groovy™ groups. This will allow for more precise discussions regarding topics that the group cares about most. Remember, all groups, forums, and member postings are still under the rules of Social Groovy™ and we will no tolerate flaming, name-calling, or anything which may negatively impact the vibe of our website. To turn off or on the forum, simply go to your group, click Admin, click Settings, and then check or uncheck “Enable discussion forum”.

YouTube Channel

I just created a new YouTube channel for HostArmor™, and since SocialGroovy™ is a division, videos for this site will end up on the channel too. Feel free to check it out or subscribe,

You’ll see a trailer for a project our gaming division, Game Glow Studio™, is working on. Also the SocialGroovy™ intro video which you can embed in your own website or blog.

Flagging System

We have a brand new flagging system in place to help keep this site a friendly place. If you see an offensive post or even a user who clearly is breaking the terms of service, you can flag the post or user and we will take a closer look. Please respect the opinions of others however. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s opinion does not mean that their post should be flagged.

New Flag Icon

For example, if someone posts about Republicans and you are a Democrat, this does not give you an excuse to flag the post. When you flag someone, your name is also shown, and the number of times you’ve flagged the member or others. If we feel you are abusing the system and making our admins jump through hoops to check into pointless flags, you may be given a flag yourself, by us.

Thanks and happy grooving!

Invite Feature

In case you missed what I posted in my profile, here it is again:

There was a reported issue with commenting on album photos, it resulted in giving the commenter a nasty 404 error and it turned out to be easily resolved. All is well on the home front!

In other news there is a nice little Send Invites tab now in your profile that makes it very very easy to send up to 50 invites at a time to a list of email addresses of your choice. Instantly I realized there was the potential to use the feature to send out spam, so the subject and message fields have been locked, sorry!

We’re always trying to improve the website on a daily basis and if you have a suggestion, little or small, please contact or message me,