Let’s make Social Groovy the #1 social network in 2014!

Spread the word to your friends, family, and random people you see on the street. We are free, private, and safe! Want a new feature? Just request it and, if we decide it is a good fit, you’ll see it added to our network. We have a ton of simple privacy settings to keep the information you want private actually private.

If you haven’t seen already, we have some cool social icons at http://socialgroovy.com/media/. Show your groovy love on your website, blog, or profile!

Mood Feature

Today we’ve added the new feature of allowing you to post a mood along with your activity/updates. There are a ton of preset moods and you can choose one of the shiny new smiles to show off your emotions. Also, the moods now appear near your username/profile name too.

Tip: Click the smiley next to the mood dropdown to display alternate smileys. (See screenshot below.)


Redirect to Activity

There has been a small improvement to the login-logout system. When you log into the site, it now redirects you to the activity stream, and when you log out, it redirects you back to the homepage. This change came about by member request and it was launched soon after. We’re always open to hearing feedback about Social Groovy and encourage you to help us decide on improvements to make this your #1 social networking hotspot!

Chat Is Back!

Our social chat system is back and better than ever! You can now chat with multiple people, join the site-wide chat room, or have private chats with the simple invite system. I personally will be on much more to chat with all you awesome Groovers out there!

Group Creation Active and Ready!

We’ve re-enabled group creation with the hopes that new anti-spam measures will prevent too many spam groups from becoming active. So far we’ve properly moderated everything coming in and deleted the groups within 24 hours.

The chat still appears to be having a bug in the system and as it was still in a beta stage, we’ve disabled it for now. Both the chat system and the new achievements system are set to come online sometime in the near future.

Group Creation Disabled

We have temporarily turned off the group creation feature until a better anti-spam solution can be intergrated. You can contact me personally if you’d like to create a new group, but right now we were seeing too many new spam groups created and needed to stop it from getting out of hand.

SG Chat Is Back!

SG chat is back up and running! What’s new? We disabled chats with non-friends. So if you wanna chat it up with someone, just friend them first or send a nice PM. Shoot me (Vallen) a message if you run into any bugs (I’m still listing it as “Beta” for now).

If you have any features you’d like to see added to our site, feel free to give some feedback. We’re always open to new ideas!

Unity Day

Today is PACER’s Unity Day to raise awareness about bullying and to show your anti-bully support by wearing orange, writing the word Unity on yourself, or just spreading the general word about it. We’ve changed the website color scheme temporarily to an orange color to show our support and have a link on the homepage http://www.pacer.org/bullying/nbpm/unity-day.asp. Tell us below how you participated in uniting to prevent bullies!

Privacy Settings Update

The privacy settings are now controlled via a new little script. Please remember to update them to keep the information public, for logged in members, or just for friends.

The change won’t show up until you “Save Changes” (at the bottom of the page when you edit your profile).

Note: Any profile field left blank will simply not show up on your profile. This means you don’t HAVE to list your favorite movies, music, tv shows, job, etc. if you don’t want to.

System Update

The underlying system of Social Groovy™ has been updated to help you enjoy a faster, safer, website. If you notice any bugs with extra features or the site itself, please comment below. Thanks!